Funded by USAID, the Niger Community Cohesion Initiative (NCCI) has been in operation since 2014 and works to promote peace, security and democracy. By working alongside local communities, civil society and the government NCCI actively combats the factors that drive the rise of Violent Extremist Organizations (VEO) and works to quell violent ethnic rivalries. 

Focusing on the most marginalized and rural areas of Niger, NCCI is primarily active in the regions of Diffa, Tillabéry and Tahoua. IOM understands the important role that community leaders, the youth and women play in building community cohesion and works with these groups in particular to ensure that communities have the knowledge, skills and resources that they need to combat violence. By working alongside civil society actors and the government NCCI aims to foster a relationship of trust between state authority and local communities.

To achieve these objectives NCCI regularly carries out awareness trainings and workshops in leadership and conflict resolution for local leaders; promotes dialogue between communities; supports the reintegration of rehabilitated former combatants of armed groups into their communities; establishes cash-for-work activities that offer alternatives to violence for at-risk groups, and uses arts and culture to create platforms for positive community engagement.